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If you're looking to improve your brows, whether it be through Microblading strokes for gently fuller brows, Combination brows for longevity or Powder Brows for higher impact, you can find all of the details below. 


Microblading consists of a very fine set of needles being used to place thin strokes into the skin in the brow area. The strokes can mimic the eyebrow hair style creating fuller, fluffier, brows. 

We have a wide range of different pigment colours to find the perfect colour match to your hair.

Permanent Makeup Artist Lianne (@lianneleroux) is on hand to fulfil your eyebrow enhancements by reflecting the natural structure and complimenting the profile of your face. Whether it's fuller, thicker or completely reconstructed brows that you're looking for, she will work with the current hairs and shape your brows to achieve the most amazing results with Permanent Make-Up!


Lianne is also a Brow Lamination specialist and is a fully qualified Nouveau LVL lash lift technician.

Fluffy Blonde Microblading Eyebrows, by Lianne Le Roux at Good Fortune Studio, Kings Cross, London
Microblading and Machine Shading to create Hybrid Combination Brows in Dark Brown. By Lianne Le Roux at Good Fortune Studio, Kings Cross, London


Combination brows are the perfect union of strokes and machine shading. They can be done in a number of different ways. The example photo is a traditional combination brow which includes strokes in the front section and ombre powder shading in the mids and tails.

Alternatively they can be done with strokes all the way through the fronts. mids and tails, with the additional gentle powder shading in the mids and tails to create a background shadow behind the strokes. Combination brows are ideal for those with combination/oily skin, missing sections of hair and also for those with a lot of brow hair already that need more depth to their brows.  

Pricing from Microblading, Combination Brows, Powder Ombre, Brow Lamination and LVL can be found here:

I had a really good experience with Lianne for my microblading. I'd had tattoo and microblading elsewhere many years ago with not great results.

This time great! Lianne was very meticulous and professional and I'm very pleased with the results.

The studio is lovely in decor and very welcoming and clean! Highly recommend.


Had a lovely experience at good fortune studio with Lianne! The studio is super cool!

Lianne did an amazing job on my eyebrows she is very informative, professional and friendly! Jean le roux who also works there on a Monday is an amazing tattooist as I’ve had pieces done from him in the past!

This space is the best for microblading, I would highly recommend, my eyebrows look so nice, thanks to Lianne.


Absolutely in love with my brows - very natural looking and the perfect shape. Lianne herself is great and made me feel completely at ease.

Would 100% recommend - looking forward to coming back for my top up!


Amazing! I got my eyebrows done by Lianne. She’s really meticulous with her job, professional and pleasant too!

I’m also getting my LVL done later this week. :)



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