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Jess Murley and Erica Prince are both expert piercers with over 12 years combined experience. They only use high quality, implant grade titanium or 14K gold for safe piercings.

Jess began piercing from a tattoo shop in 2017, progressing to one of the UK's most popular piercing studios. After 5 years within other establishments, and having already performed Microblading and Faux Freckles within the shop, Jess joined us at Good Fortune Studio, to bring safe, quality piercing to Kings Cross in Central London. 

Erica completed her years piercing apprenticeship in 2016 and continued at the Tattoo shop for 5 years afterwards. She then started at one of the world's most famous piercing studios, where she moved to Dubai. Now back in London, Erica now pierces at Good Fortune on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We are currently open for Piercing Walk-ins or bookings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Please be sure to bring valid government photo ID when you visit.


All prices are only including plain titanium jewellery, additional jewellery is priced individually

Ear Piercings - 16+ Years  

Lobe - £25 for single

Helix - £35

Forward Helix - £35

Tragus - £35

Daith - £35

Rook - £35

Conch - £35

Industrial (Scaffolding) - £45

Facial Piercings - 16+ Years

Lip - £35

Nostril - £35

Eyebrow - £35 

Medusa - £40

Septum - £40

Smiley - £45

Bridge - £45

Body Piercing - 16+

Naval (Belly Button) - £40

Piercings - 18+

Tongue - £45

Microdermal - £50

Nipples - £45 for 1, £75 for 2

Additional Services 

Microdermal/Surface piercing removal - £10

Jewellery removal/fitting - £5

Stretching and reopen - £10 + Cost of Jewellery

Saline Solution - £8

We are now offering 10% off for all students with a valid Student ID.

Only available on the actual piercing, not the additional jewellery upgrades or Neil Med Aftercare.

Please be sure to bring valid government photo ID when you visit.

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