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Jean Le Roux, South African born tattooist is known for creating neo traditional intricate Girl Heads.


Jean is an established tattooist with his array of skill from beautiful faces to detailed animals. He is also now continuing his single needle, black and grey work. 


He and his wife decided to open a private studio, where he could spend more time creating timeless tattoos and continuing to draw meticulously detailed pieces.

Jean Le Roux Bookings

There is no longer a waiting list for Jean. However, as of the 17th November 2021, Jean's books are now closed for new appointments. The next 4 month block will be for June, July, August, September 2022, and we will begin with email enquires from end of Feb/March 2022.

His books will be open for around 4 months at a time to make the whole process more manageable. 

If you'd like to book in, please fill out the form opposite/below and we will respond as efficiently as possible. However, please be aware that enquires are answered in blocks of chronological order, meaning that the wait for response can be upwards of 3 months. 

Please include the following to speed up the process: your idea, any reference, placement and if you have any other tattoos in the area, size (in CMs or Inches), colour or black and grey.

We can then send you a quote if you wish to go ahead, and arrange a date for your appointment.

Alternatively, if you need to come in for a consultation, we can arrange a suitable date and time. 

Jeans consultations are usually at 10:30AM or 6:30/7PM, Monday - Friday (depending on the day, the times for consultations may be half an hour earlier/later).

Thanks for submitting!

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